hi all. Anyone have experience with 3rd party inks and binders? Any that are producing as good of results as the oem? Any good diy recipes? I found a few but a few ingredients are elusive or not available to ship without a industrial address.


Well you have a many actors for alternative materials. I live In France and i found one very good, the colors are even more vivid than OEM’s. Depending of course where you live (freight, customs) !

If you want i can give the website, do not hesitate to mp me.

Hi,friend, im interested too in the alternative materials , inks and powder …

If you could send me the website will be happy!!

Thanks a lot



Hello Nando,

Thank you for your email. We tried many producsts and we found this brand available on www.gecko-3d.com (Website in French and English). Th products are very good and the colors vivid, I talked with the chairman and they will sale a powder compatible with PXL Core very soon.

Hope this link will be Helpfull



Thanks a lot, will try they products!!!




If any one is interested in testing some binders I would recommend www.3dcolors.pl :slight_smile:

Hello, I wanted to ask if there is already Claren Binder for the Z510 recipes.
I would be very happy to receive a message.