Hi all!

I am having a strange issue that only recently popped up on one of my zcorp machines. When I am printing, it looks like the hp11 print head is collecting powder on its print head which causes it to streak (left to right) due to it getting clogged (see attached photos). This only happened within the past 2-3 months. It’s pretty annoying since layers are not binding and builds fail. I’m not sure if it’s related, but I am also continuously getting alignment failures (error code 40008).

I have changed the print heads, swapped pogo cards, and cleaned the cleaning station.

Overall, I am not sure if it’s humidity, pogo card, or another problem, but it would be great to get help if anyone has experienced this problem before.

hello, have you ever cleaned or rinsed the pipes?
Sorry for my english, google translator.

Hi Jenszzt,

I recently cleaned the tank and the lines (about a month ago) when I put in new binder. Maybe I didn’t get everything? I’ll check that again today.

But here is an example of what is happening to my print head while printing layers (I pulled this out while it was printing).

I was told that it could potentially be too high of humidity. Right now the humidity is between 20-30%. Have you had humidity problems?



Hello, I had problems with the humidity yet.
For me it was only when I had set the hoses wrong on the carriage. Since the process of the axes, the powder was whirled up and then has placed on the print head …
Will the printhead get hot quickly? And are all druchköpfe affected?
May I ask you where do you come from?

The hoses and print heads are placed correctly on the carriage. The print head I am using is OEM or new. I haven’t had any overheating during this issue unless there is too much powder buildup on the print head.

The HP11 is the one affected by the powder sticking to it. The HP57 will sometimes streak a different color on the areas where the HP11 print head doesn’t jet.

And I am in Colorado

Make sure your clean station is clean.
Is this issue still happens even if you have replaced new print head then
It can be your pogo cable. If you have any question feel free to shoot us a email.

Hi Cokreeate,

Thanks for responding. The cleaning station is spotless and so are the parking caps. There is a lot of fluid collecting on the HP11 print head (tested with several new print heads, and same issue). I am not sure if it is a high fluid flow issue or humidity. The humidity in the build space is 20-30%, but in the room around 50-70%. It has been raining a lot for the past 2-3 months in Colorado (which is when the problem first started).

Hard to tell in the photo, but liquid builds up on the print head which prevents it from jetting or the liquid collects powder and clogs. I pulled this out in between layers of a test build.

In the meantime, I made a temporary solution. I replaced the rubber parking pad with a felt pad so it could wick and dry off the HP11 print head each printed layer. It actually worked really well but would like to solve the problem and not have this janky setup.

I also got a dehumidifier for the room and going to see what that does.

I’ve put several brand new print heads and the pogo cable is actually brand new (only 4-5 months old), and I have checked the pogo cable for any damage.