I am running my ZCorp Z310 with a sugar/meringue mix, and having a lot of success with my recipie.


Here’s a picture of one of my most recent models, as I’m oven curing it:


That’s wild man, thanks for sharing. Anything specific with the 310 or could you do this with any machine?

Well, unless you want to do a complete tear down of your powder handling system, I wouldn’t recommend it on any ZCorp machine with automated powder handling.

What powder bed machine are you wondering about, specifically?

510s seem to be around a lot

Should work just fine in a 510. That machine has manual powder handling.

I have a Z-Corp 310+ with a bad IDE flash drive.

Would you be able to image your drive and send me a copy?

Yes - please send an email to Jason dot mcmullan at gmail and I’ll get you a link to a downloadable image

Thanks !!

You should receive my email shortly.