Hey Everyone,

So one of my main sources of learning, enjoyment from an audio visual perspective is Youtube. I was just wondering if anyone could make any suggestions at who I should watch? (Maker related preferably).


@bgreenslade @Alexander_8 do you guys have any suggestions of cool maker youtubers? Cheers

Barnacules nerdgasm, makers muse, Thomas salanderer, busybotz 3d printing, search for chucks electronic projects/ 3d printing he’s good and Adafruit Industries.

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Check out Thomas Sanladerer for anything related to material reviews or hardware modding / understanding. His videos helped me a lot to fine tune my printer and to understand, what and how I can improove my machine.

For just 3d printing stuff you might want to look at James Bruton, who does a lot of cosplay with up to 100% 3d prints (except for electronics), his current projects are a Hulkbuster suit, an R6 and BB8 droid as well as an Alien Xenomorph suit, plus sometimes there are reviews of printers and hardware.

Lastly Adafruit Industries had made some filament reviewing videos, which might be helpful.

And hopefully I can add myself to this list shortly. I’m planning to do filament tests (of all the 15+ materials I have on 3dHubs) also printer and hardware reviews will be found on my youtube page, I’ll probably post about that on TALK when I’ve started the channel.


Marius Breuer

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This is awesome news, Marius :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see your work on Talk! Keep us posted :wink: and thanks for all the suggestions.

Cheers, George!

Barnacules is the one I started watching first about the 3D printing!