Hi all,

We’re from XYZprinting and would like to share with you that we’re currently running an Indiegogo campaign for our latest full-color FFF 3D printer: the da Vinci Color mini. And we have an early bird package for $999 there!

We think the da Vinci Color mini is set to revolutionize full-color 3D printing for the following reasons:

  1. It’s a full-color FFF 3D printer that combines the FFF print technology with CMY ink cartridges, which allows you to print in millions of color combinations.
  2. Smaller in size at 17.6" x 17.6" x 21.3", it still offers a robust build area of 5.1″ x 5.1″ x 5.1″.
  3. It’s upgradable with a laser engraving function for wood, leather and other materials.
  4. Being the first sub-$1,000 full-color 3D printer, it now enables more and more people to have access to full-color 3D printing and transform their color designs into real full-color objects.

We’d like to make 3D printing — and of course full-color 3D printing as well — accessible for everyone.
You can now pledge to our Indiegogo campaign to get one yourself on our Indiegogo page:

And if you have any question, feel free to reach us on our Facebook page too: Redirecting...

I like it … but i want see samples first (in my hands)

Hey, thanks for your interest — if you happen to be attending IFA in Berlin 8/31–9/5, come visit us at Booth#107, Hall#12 where we will showcase the working prototype of it and its prints. :grinning:

Here’s a close-up of one of its prints:

Why do you need to run a crowdfunding campaign? Surely you are at the point now in business where you can afford to just release a new machine?

I am not a fan of the latest trend in business where the risk isn’t taken by the business but by the consumer.

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I also think so

Why need crowdfunding

I will wait until the first reviews will come out.

Hi there, we think running this Indiegogo campaign is really a good way for us to better engage with users and drive awareness about full-color 3D printing.
And rest assured — we would not let consumers take any risk in backing us on the campaign — because we’re going to ship the units regardless of the funding result.

“Driving awareness” has nothing to do with crowd funding. You could equally run a successful social media campaign and do the same thing. In fact, you have to run a campaign to raise awareness of the crowd funding!

This is nothing more than a company looking for finance without having to go down the traditional route of bank loans etc which removes the risk from the business and puts it on the consumer.