My Da Vinci 1.0a broke down past its warranty period, so I’m parting it out.

Plastic side panels - moderately scuffed/scratched, but no cracks. $10 each, $15 for both.

Front door - a few scuffs/scratches, no cracks. $5.

Z-axis threaded rod - needs grease. $5.

Frame - most parts are missing, except for the smooth rods and X carriage. $10.

Heated bed assembly - the bed has a sheet of BuildTak on it, original thermocouple missing. $20.

Motherboard - not working, but probably repairable. $30.

Various plastic/metal parts - motor mounts, Z axis smooth rod holders, electronics mount, and more. All for $10.

Stepper motors - two with GT2-type pulleys, one with extruder gear. $10 each, $20 for all three.

Cable sleeving - some damage, but in fair condition overall. $5.

Belts - I’m unsure which belt is which. All for $5.

I’m also willing to sell everything for $60.

Contact me at - pickup/cash only. Pictures available on request.