Oh where do I start…?

Only yesterday was I moaning about the inconsistency of the Nobel 1.0A print output;

And today it seems XYZ put a curse on me, I started another print in the same way I always have and then an hour into the print there were some pretty awful noises coming from the printer.

I pause the task and feel something sticky on the buttons… open the lid and HOLY BALL BAGS the resin is somehow spewing out from the tube and into the cracks down the side of the bottle holder, down the sides of my printer, down the edge of my resin tank, into the freaking components!!

Knowing how incredibly helpful XYZ are (and yes that’s extreme sarcasm) I already knew it would be pointless to contact them so without wasting another minute I grabbed the star drivers and manically started to unscrew everything in the hopes of beating the oozing resin to engulfing the components.

Hmmm… well I managed to save a good amount and have photographed every step of the way so fingers crossed I can put it all back together and by some stroke of luck actually get it working again, but…

Now I have some pretty important looking circuit boards in a little puddle of resin, any help as to how I can remove this without damaging the circuit board or am I already screwed…?

Yes, I know… opening the printer voids all warranty bla de blah… as I said previously XYZ have done didly squat to help me before do I very much doubt they’d do anything to help this time, I can already hear the reasons they would give me so they could weasel out of helping.

Thanks for any help! :smiley: