Its hot in the room I have my printer I am using fans now, would air conditioning affect the printing or am I ok to install one?

Enclosed or unenclosed build areas?

unenclosed build area

It will have an affect/effect on higher temp material prints like abs or nylon. PLA should be fine and doesn’t mind environment as much. Just make sure to vent the cold air away from the print beds. Generally blow the cold air upward to cycle warmer air down toward the printers.

cool thanks :slight_smile: btw thanks for your help I finally started getting good prints :slight_smile:

Glad I could help out!

If you are printing in pla then the cooler ambient temperature will actually help you quite a bit. Over the winter months I was actually heading a study on this, in extreme conditions of cold we actually destroyed an aluminum bed as the pla print was actually so adhered (there actually was tape under the print) that we couldn’t take the print off, we were literally picking the entire printer up by it. Majority of other materials such as abs I’d recommended keeping fully enclosed so it stays warmer. Hope this helps!