So I am wondering if anyone can help me. I built a vacuum chamber and I cannot figure out why my 20 shore A silicone will not degas.

I am using a 3 cfm stage 2 vacuum (down to 22.5 microns) and a 5 gallon chamber. The gauge shows the unit is working but the silicone is not rising and falling as it should under vacuum. I left it on full vacuum for about 2 minutes with no rise. Any help would be most appreciated.

Ps- I know this is a 3D print forum but Im actually using a 3d mold so I figured maybe others could relate and lend some help.

Dont yell at me…

No, no, no :slight_smile: Nobody’s yelling at you, Sheila! On the contrary, all makers are welcome here :slight_smile:

We actually have a part in this forum dedicated to Molding, feel free to check it out to see if you find anything helpful. Otherwise I hope someone will jump in with an advise asap. Cheers

I use a bell on mine…that sits on a rubber plate to seal… if I have a seal that is just barely leaking I just apply a few drops of water around the bell and rubber seal…This allows it seal its self up. I have a rather large vacuum and if it is leaking the slightest amount It will not (boil water)or degas :wink: ! …