So I’m new to this 3D printing game and want to buy a beginners printer. I have about £400 ($450) to spend. Its going to sit next to my computer in the spare room. I have been looking at a Creality CR10 mini £325 for a while and very nearly pressed the buy button. I have since seen a Qidi one X £338 and a flash forge creator on ebay £400. Does an enclosed one actually keep the noise down? Im thinking if I leave it running for 24hrs and quieter one would be Mrs proof. Is a duel extruder worth the extra expense or is it a gimmick? Any advice on any? I a bit unsure on the 1 month delivery from China route but am pretty computer and diy savvi.

The QIDI x-one is a great printer and service is outstanding. It is also available on ebay and Amazon from QIDI. May be faster shipping.

Enclosed may help a small bit with noise but is really more for those filaments such as ABS that need a more stable environment for heat control.

Dual extruder can be useful but you are going to pay twice as much for a Flashforge or the QIDI Tech-1 as the X-one.

I have the CR10, love it. Would recommend it or the upgraded version CR10s. Either is a great beginner machine.

I love my CR-10 and would totally recommend it. I made a lot of videos on my youtube channel about it here: The CR-10 has been one of the best selling 3d printers for a while now for plenty of reasons; Low price, huge heated bed, many materials, fast printing, great build quality, easy to use, etc.

I have a coupon to get the CR-10 on Gearbest for $339.99, which is by far the lowest price I can find.\_441282.html?lkid=12121421

The coupon code is: 11CR10US

With the extra money, you can save it or buy a lot of filament! Dual extruders is cool, but a little hard for beginners and on printers under $450.

Let me know if you have any questions!!

they dont always take a mth cr 10 300 300 400 £307 on banggood 7 20 days extra 5.60 5 8 days extra 28.67… you will get your doubters about this machine … a little noisey but noting you carnt fix with some octura fans mine has been fantastic so much so i sold my makerbots and have 3… i do have them inside a cupboard but have had no issues outside of one … makerbot replacement extruder costs £180 a go. iam quids in …and love this machine …iam not paid either just print alot…quite a few rewiews on bg youtube by respected 3dprinting commuinty members to…u can make a cr10 a cr 10 s later with a easy swap out belt drive duel z for $16 better than the cr 10 s duel z imho no coupon codes or affilitate links here .

Is 150x150x150 a decent enough print size for most stuff or would the bigger build plate enable me to print more stuff?

A 150x150x150 build size is decent, but the CR-10 has a 300x300x400 build size which allows for a lot more flexibility and HUGE prints.

Thank-you for the code. Any experience at all with the new mini version? Curious at what the ‘upgrades’ are.

The mini version just came out, so it doesn’t have that many reviews. I took a look and the only difference I can see is that the build plate and machine size is smaller. The mini costs $319.99 and the CR-10 costs $339.99 so for $20 you will get a bigger build plate, which is worth it in the future when you want to print larger objects.


Thankyou everyone for your replies. I have bought a Creality CR10 in a flash sale for £270. It feels as though we are in a similar period in 3d printing as we were home computers in the 80s. I’ve got my spectrum now and I’m ready to go.

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