I’m looking for a material for fdm printing that has a higher strength and layer adhesion than PLA and ABS and doesn’t emit noxious fumes.

I am currently looking at nylon, t-glase (pett), PET (CEP), acetal (delrin), ngen, and possibly poly carbonate.

Needs to be available in 1.75mm sizes.

I will be using an e3D v6 hot end

I want something that can be rigid, but not rigid to the point that it is brittle. I will be printing moving and mechanical parts, like gears, and cases. I need it to be able to handle wear and tear, so durability, and low friction is ideal. I don’t want it to be a ridiculously complex process to print. The drawback of nylon is moisture absorbtion, so I would need to compensate for that, for example. I want something that is a little flexible, but not too bendy, very durable, for gears with finer teeth, very strong, very impact resistant, and low friction. If possible, I would also like it to be cheap.

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Nylon Bridge is well priced and easier than some other nylons to print. Good for medium load gears too.

For moisture absorption I built one of these but used a cat litter pail Drying Materials works good for drying the materials and you can also have the filament feed out it while printing. I put the rolls in a sealed bag after drying and store in a sealed container.


Do you know if it is better than t-glasse or the other stuff I mentioned? (how is it better)