Hello, I am a new Autodesk ReCap user. I would like to know what the best workflow methods ReCap users have for working with raw point cloud data to 3d print building models. What is the fastest, quickest way to get a point cloud 3d printed? Thanks in advance!

It’s possible, but it isn’t easy. If you want we van do this for you.

@DGvD, I am looking for any methods that I can do on my own. Such as importing data from Recap to MeshLab, for instance. Do you or anyone else know of any extremely expedient methods of going directly from point cloud to 3d printable file?

If you have an strutured point cloud you could use the Pro option to create a mesh from the points.Then you could open that mesh in Recap Photo or meshmixer and work with it, for example close holes, smooth the surface, and close the bottom.

Closing the bottom you will get a watertight mesh, now you export that mesh as an .stl format. With that format you could open it in any printing software and send it to the printer.