flashforge creator pro vs flashforge dreamer?

can you tell me :slight_smile:

Both are a great choice! I own the dreamer because of the touchscreen which is extremely useful. Theyre pretty much the same printer otherwise although i dont own the creator pro, i think theres a few settings you can can apply which you cant on the dreamer. Build volume is identical and simplify 3d software is recommended for both. Personally i would go for the dreamer between those two. But why stick to flashforge? The powerspec ultra is a creator pro clone with a dreamer touchscreen for 799. That would be my recomendation.

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Creator pro! Better community. Filament independend. Just better!

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The dreamer is filament independent also… I have even increased the build volume in mine to 160mm just by changing the value in simplify 3d. Alot of misconseptions of the dreamer out there.

Flashforge Dreamer

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I have the Creator Pro, and the main difference is probably the dual extruder, which seem to become uneven and cause problems on my prints. I currently have one extruder removed, and really haven’t had much need to use the dual feature. I love the printer though and would probably buy the Dreamer when I’m ready for another one.

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Dreamer also has a dual extruder. I do agree its difficult to get the two heads properly leveled.

Thanks! I didn’t realize it had two. I guess I never really looked at that one.

I currently have the Dreamer Buisness edition and it’s a great printer. Really good prints straight out of the box.

The only issues I have found is that the max extrude temp is 260 so if you want to print Nylon or Polycarbonate.

Also TPU is not printable because the filament feeder doesn’t have an adjustable grab strength and the preset is to much which squashes flexible filament.

Grab a glass bed upgrade as well as the BuildTack they come with is a nitemare.

I would suggest looking at a different printer if you want to print anything other than PLA or ABS.

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I’ve been using a Dreamer for a year now and the only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that the structural box is made of plastic and, due to its thermal expansion, the standoff distance of the extruder needs frequent readjustment as the ambient temperature icreases during the day. Also I found that having two extruders was not useful for me so I removed one to reduce the mass of the print head. After some changes to the extruder I have no problems printing TPE filament with it. Also Nylon and PETG are fine and I only use the standard slicer supplied with the printer.

I have both, Defiantly the same printer, specially after adding the PLA fan on the Pro. i would say the only different is that the Pro weigh more so its much more stable

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go for the new flash forge creator pro it is released tomorrow, it is flashprint compatible as well

available here:

use coupon code 6A02TAN5TUC9 for 10% off!

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IS the The powerspec ultra good 3d Printer and I was looking the Dremel to that has a touchscreen to you know but no heat bed and I was looking the Robox 3d printer to that does look nice :slight_smile:


if you care for heated bed or dual extruder then the dremel is out but if you’re ok with single extruder and no heated bed the dremel is great! If you are in the UK it will be dificult getting the powerspec ultra since its pick up only at micro center in the US.