Hi everyone,
I worked in injection molding company. When my colleagues setup the mold, they were always talking about “dog house” (hope I spell right), I don’t know what it is.


Dog house, as in “somebody is in the dog house”??

“Dog house is a 4 sided box attached to a flat surface which usually requires a riser/slide to mold. In other words, it has 3 sides and a “roof”, where the roof usually has a hole for attachment purposes.”


No straight or “flat” walls should be designed flat or straight. They will always end up with an inward curvature. Walls of a box should always be designed with a sleight outward curvature and radii on all corners. The molded part will then be more close to intended design due to shrinkage and internal stresses at the corners.

This according to the web, which could be wrong…

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