Hey guys & chicks,

We’re attending Startup Weekend Brussels Makers right now - building stuffs, connecting them, eating pizzas and having fun.

We’re prototyping TOTEM, a connected tower that lights up when something - anything - happens. We used a Spark Core and 3D printed a case.

For example: it’s Tuesday and again you forgot to take the trash out this morning. Unless you had configured TOTEM to light up in blue as a reminder.

Or, let’s say your 3-year-old son wakes you up every night at 4.30 am to show up in your bedroom like: “Isn’t it morning yet?”. You can configure TOTEM to light up in green which means to him: “It’s 7 by now and it’s ok to wake up mommy and daddy”.

Here’s our first proto.

What we ask for is simple: feedback.

Do you like the idea?

Would you use it at home?

Would you buy it in a shop?

Or make it yourself?

How much would you pay for it - not the proto but the very refined wooden and sexy designed final version?

Thank you 3D folks, you’re awesome!


Hi, if Wifi connected, and easy to manage multiple of them no matter where they are, then probably 29 euro each. Nice idea.