My extruder stepper motor is “vibrating” (twitching back/forth). When applying pressure to the extruder, I can turn it either way physically when “moving” filament.

I have been using a Bondtech extruder with a MicroSwiss all-metal upgrade (which exponentially helped my prints)…but as of a couple nights ago, it stopped extruding. I hoped for a jam, but the motor doesn’t move even when not connected to the extruder. See gif:

I visually inspected the driver (seems fine), and the wiring (also seems fine). I am scared to test with a multimeter, as I read you can inadvertently fry the driver by testing. Also, the Maker Ultimate doesn’t have adjustments on the drivers, only a single voltage adjustment on the power supply.

Is there any hope outside of a new mainboard for my printer?

Odds are it is the cable to the stepper motor. Get another cable that is known to be good to make sure or plug that stepper in where another working stepper is.
The cables go bad from bending but can be almost impossible to actually detect.

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The short one from the patch panel to the stepper? (It’s direct drive, and there is a patch panel that sits atop the motor/extruder)

I would start there. Do it in a process of elimination.

See if that stepper will work plugged in where another is to verify it will or will not work.

That “twitching” is a classic sign of a bad cable but no guarantee.

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Most of the extruder stepper motors vibrate or twitch back and forth due to a fault with the cable. You can check this out for your 3D printer and get it replaced for better performance.

Also, make sure that at no point the wire is bending or twisting which are some of the major reasons why they go bad.

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Same exact issue experienced here. I have a video of my extruder motor that looks identical to the OP situation. Anyone figure out a solution?