Hi! I’m new here, so please be gentle.

I recently purchased a Wanhao Duplicator 4S, which arrived in the post today. It took about 20 minutes or so to setup, and I don’t think it works.

I followed all the steps in the manual as instructed, I have not broken any parts nor handled them roughly, and when I connected the power cable and flipped the switch to the ‘ON’ position, nothing happened. I tried pushing all the buttons in front, but the screen is still black, and nothing is happening.

I also checked the diagnostics/troubleshooting part of the manual, but that didn’t say a word about any of my issues, as to my understanding. I also didn’t find anything about this on Google, which seems unusual.

Could any of you help me out here?

EDIT: The problem has been resolved! There were some issues with the PSU that my father supposedly fixed, and it seems to be working now. The issue was not with the voltage setting, though. Thanks for heading me in the right direction!

Do you have the power unit switched to the right electrical input? 110/220?

Hi, I’m not sure what you mean? I live in Europe, and I used the European power cable (250v) if that matters. Sorry for not knowing this, I’m kinda new to 3D printers, only had a Flashforge Finder before this one.


Pkubier is talking about the switch on the control brick. There is a little switch which could be on 110 volts (for the US) turn it over to 220 (European standard) in the Netherlands (where you are from i guess) we have standard 220 - 230 max out of the wall.

I’m not positive if the European has the same PSU or not, but flip the printer on its side, and you should see the underneath cover for the board and PSU. On the side of the cover, there should be an opening next to the PSU (may have to pull the cover off pending which model of the 4S it is) push the red switch so it is on the right voltage setting