Imagine crutches that can easily be transformed into a walker, and then back again.

Walk-it was specifically developed for Stel, who was also a part of the design team of the product.

Stel has the physical strength and stability to be able to use crutches. However, crutches severely limit her ability to carry things and so she typically tends to use a walker instead. Thing is, sometimes she would much prefer to be able to use crutches - for example when walking longer distances or going up and down stairs.

Inspired by “Robot-trikim” (i.e. “tricky robots,” the hilarious Hebrew name for Transformers:) Walk-it is both a walker and crutches combined, allowing for the user to quickly and easily transformer between the two, depending on their needs in real time

More projects can be found on:


They have 3D files, but they didn’t upload it anywhere.
I tried talking to Stel but didnt get a reply

Jep, again really nice idea. Would be interested in some more pictures to see it in action and indeed the printable files of course :slight_smile:



Trying to get those as we speak!

Hey guys,
I have uploaded the 3D files to ShapeDo, also converted them to STLs so you can take a look:


Thanks to evreyone I got my hands on the files, and uploaded them to ShapeDo, both STL and SLDPRT: