I am looking to make very detailed wheels, I have made an order with one of the local Form 2 hubs though I would like to pick all of your brains if I can. The wheels have a small set of gear teeth around the edge and a retaining ridge to hold an o-ring. I have tried a Roland resin printer and a Zcorp SLA machine (Zcorp = white Roland = ‘clear’), and I have a Form 2 set in progress. The height of the wheels is around 13 mm and the thickness is 2mm. I attach the stl for any interested parties. Some blog posts investigating this issue can be found here. What kind of printer would produce this wheel ‘perfectly’ if any. Also is likely that I could use this printing method at ‘medium scale’ production, in the ~1000 wheel quantity. Thanks for your insight!
updatedwheel.stl (436 KB)

Print on a 3010HD, then make a silicone mold. Cast subsequent prints with IE3075 ( with post cure)

I checked out the IE3075, seems others are using it for gears too which is great! Though Google does not show anything usefull for 3010HD. Could you illuminate what 3010HD is?

It’s just a high Def poly jet printer. There are other similar models that would work as well