We’ve enabled the ‘invoice’ option on our hub.

Does this also mean the customer can choose between invoice & non-invoice printing ? In case of invoice printing, with the VAT be added during payment ?



VAT must be included in the price the client is charged. So all your prices will likely appear higher than those that aren’t VAT registered (an issue I’ve had for a long long time).

@plastiprint3d ; why would prices for a VAT registered company be higher then a non-VAT registered company?

technically, when you sell something, you need to pay VAT. just because a lot of people here don’t do that, doesn’t mean it’s right. just like any sale you make through 3d hubs should be declared on your income tax.

my prices have VAT included and they are not higher then someone who is not paying the VAT… i fail to see why being a registered company would drive prices up because of VAT…

Just a note, If the parts are ordered/manufactured outside the European Union there likely is not VAT. The US doesn’t have VAT for example.