Anyone using Slic3r with a Flashforge Creator pro? Do you have any settings, scripts etc or a profile I can look at? Just starting to set it up. Not familiar with Slic3r. Always use S3D.

Thanks for any advice or tips.

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I found this was the most help in getting started:

Is there a reason you are not using S3D on your creator pro?

Thanks. I used this also as a guide. One thing I found was the start scripts move the extruders way to fast. Especially the move after the prime was so violent I thought the belt jumped a tooth.

Otherwise I got a calibration cube to come out ok.

I haven’t had time to go back to testing though.

I mostly migrated settings from S3D as guides. I am thinking to try the start/end scripts from S3D in Slic3r and see how that goes. Mainly just need to slow things down.

I do use S3D. I got a new printer that has a custom version of Slic3r and I have never used it before so I thought getting it working on the FFCP, which I am very familiar with, would help me understand settings better.

I did find a nice graphical version of the GPX utility that works nicely. I haven’t integrated it into Slic3r and may not since it is really no hassle to use as is.