Thanks to Maik we now have a transcoder to use standard G-Code with the UP mini :slight_smile:

The transcoder is still experimental and rudimentary, using command line, no fancy GUI. This opens the UP mini to work with 3rd party slicers, use different nozzles, materials and slicing methods :slight_smile:

The source code is available via Github:


Hope we can get the same for the zortrax soon!

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Thank you very much for that!!!
(you can also use this hack: GitHub - ForsakenNGS/FixUp3D)

Now there’s some nice news to wake up to! Still kinda disappointed they don’t support that out of the box though.


In order to integrate the UP mini better in a workflow with Slic3r under OS X I have created a small script app to conveniently execute all required steps from within Slic3r. So finally you can directly print from Slic3r, no need to juggle with complicated commands any more.

The project is hosted on github so you can freely access the latest build. If you feel to contribute or have suggestion for improvements give me a note. The project can be found here\_print/UP3DSCRIPTS/OSX



This is solely for nozzle size, layer height and temperature this transcoder allows the use of entirely different slicers

There is an update to this project that fixes some previouse issues related to positioning errors especially when used with Simplify3D (infill shifts). The G-Code transcoder works on the entire UP product line like the UP Mini, UP Box, UP Plus, UP Classic.

Please see details here: GitHub - UP3D-gcode/UP3D: UP 3D Printer Tools

In addition the G-Code transcoder supports not only Windows platform, it supports OS X and Linux as well.

There is now a new transcoder version available which allows for acceleration and speed control. This version includes also a alpha release GUI fronted forOS X.

See details here:

Well, took a while, still… Dropbox - g2z - Simplify your life