anyone have any success turning of the support on their Up Box printer - even change support>area to “base only” still prints support between Marvins legs…maybe he needs it?!

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Hi 3DPrint4You,

Unfortunately with the Up software you cannot turn off support. I have printed using the support between the legs and it comes off cleanly. You can try adjusting the angle of the support and see if that eliminates the area between his legs.

Also stay tuned because there may be a new software coming that you can control temp as well as other features.

ok - i will print as is and submit the photos - thanks for your feedback, much appreciated :slight_smile:


see how they turn out then I will gladly help you adjust your settings to be optimal. What material are you printing with?

i am printing with ABS

you can turn off the support in the first windows (before preferences). You have an option “without support”.


what version is this. I have never seen a “without support” option. There is a “no raft” option but have never seen a “without support” option before.

even at “base only”, current software still print support up to a certain height, seems to be about 1/10 of model height.

whether support appears also depends on your support angle setting.