Hey all! I’m a brand new 3D printer who’s enthusiasm far outweighs their knowledge base. I’m having issues getting an even test border printed. I ran the advanced calibration and played around with the calibration settings but I’m not seeing improvement. I wandered google for a bit and couldn’t find any descriptions of issues quite like mine, but I did find this forum, so I thought I’d ask! What could be causing the globbing/unevenness on the test print, and how do I fix it?

Thanks tons!

One part of the issue is you got an M3D, its a hit or miss printer.


Looks like you have a M3D like me, I’ve not had anything like that. It can be temperamental but generally is OK. have you got the latest software? I’ve found the biggest improvements in printing quality have coincided with updates.

Hello Michael,

I do not own this printer but from my interpretation of the wavy strands ans blobs, it could be a few things other than an uneven print bed:

  1. Extrusion temperature too low or feed rate too high or both. During extrusion, the material is heated and brings part of that energy along with it. This causes slight cooling inside the nozzle. If the feed rate into the nozzle is too fast, it will not flow smoothly. I would try printing at lower speeds to see if anything changes.
  2. Gap between nozzle and plate too small
  3. Manufacturing issue with your nozzle.
  4. Issue with your feeder.
  5. Issue with your heater block

Now 3, 4 and 5 are very rare cases but manufacturing defects do happen, so treat it as a last resort. As a beginner I would play around with the print settings a little more, they take some getting used to. Right now I see there is over-extrusion so might be able to fix it through settings.

It would also make it easier for the community to help you if you could provide us with what material you are using and how your print settings are like (print temp and speeds, feed rate, surrounding temperature etc.)

What is the size of your nozzle and what is the layer height? It looks like your nozzle too far from the build plate and you are trying to compensate by over extruding material to fill the gap.