I just put together a pursa i3 Mendel and upgraded extruder to the e3d v6 HotEnd. And having some trouble getting big prints to start out good the first layer will stick but when it’s filling it it is lifting up on large spans I’m printing in pla at 190c I’ve been trying to adjust how much material is put down on the first layer to see if it helps but wondering if anyone else had any more suggestions to try. Ive tried different layer heights but no change. But small prints they turn out perfectly and even on big prints if I allow them to continue they turn out good just the layer on the bed isn’t smooth at all. I’m not sure if a attached the pictures right if not I’ll add some. Thanks in advance.

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Another pic if just the fist layer.

Neither, this looks like a bed leveling issue with the nozzle either being too close to the platform or too far away.


I checked that and it worked i thought i had that fixed but i guess something got messed up thanks a lot

Np :slight_smile: