Hi guys,

So many times I’m looking for a good tutorial or any other help, I’m not perfect yet in my 3d adventure but I’m trying hehe :slight_smile: Got myself a Zmorph and there is stuff that helps with the printer a lot: https://zmorph3d.com/tutorials/ - especially the scanner and CNC Pro :slight_smile: by the way they have just published this:


Wow, nice find, thanks for sharing!

What have you been printing so far? :slight_smile:

@gabriela3d thaaanks! :slight_smile: It’s cool indeed I find it very interesting :slight_smile: I’m not that advanced yet haha :slight_smile: But I’d like to make some nice Xmas gifts like for example with laser on a calendar or some snowflakes ( Jingle bells, jingle bells :smiley: )