Hi people of 3D HUBS,

So i currently have a Makerbot Replicator 1 - Dual clone (CTC Branded) 3D printer which is running Sailfish v7.5. I’ve been considering building a CNC Milling machine from scratch and then realised my 3D printer isnt too far off. I decided to add some CAM toolpaths to a part in AutoDesk Inventor HSM 2017 and post process the toolpaths (the file was a .nc however it seemed to be only gcode). I loaded this into ReplicatorG 0040r30 - Sailfish and tested it however there were a bunch of errors. I understand the physical changes needed to change the printer into a CNC mill, however im struggling with software. Has anyone done this or has seen it done and can give me had or send me in the right direction ie link? Is there software i can flash my printer with so it can read .nc files and mill or any better ideas?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

what you wan’ting to cnc

I have milled wooden signs with my printer. I used pycam for slicing. I still had to “find and replace” the incompatible gcode lines with usable ones. Can’t you save the gcode to a .gcode file? Editing long gcodes is easier with sublime text editor.

I didn’t imagine that the chassis would be strong enough but if you got it to work thats cool m8

well, thats right it needs to be sturdy. I made a video of that project. You can see the tool being deflected a little. Try to let speed do the work and it’s possible. https://youtu.be/yV3maSaxZDI

can I be honest with you if was me I don’t use anything on build anything that reliability just don’t think it would be reliable enough

it is designed to have no load a lot of 3D printers are made of plastic so adding a load to will result in failure my you well get a

week or 12 mouth but at some point i no this is not cheap but in the long run will save you money

thats what i woud do