Considered by many to be among the best marketplaces for high-quality digital 3D models, TurboSquid has been providing the 3D community with models of just about anything since being established in 2000.

Founded by a small team of digital animators who simply wanted an easy way to share their 3D models, TurboSquid has since grown to include over 2.5 million members and features over 300,000 models from 35,000 contributing 3D artists. Today, the platform is used by everybody from game developers to visual artists and features models that can be modified for 3D printing purposes.

To make sharing and 3D printing these models easier than ever before, TurboSquid announced today that they have selected 3D Hubs to be their global 3D printing partner, a move that will connect their community of 2.5 million members to over 20,000 hubs on the 3D Hubs network.

In addition to providing customers around the world with the largest choice of materials combined with fast and local delivery, TurboSquid will also be releasing themed collections from their library that can be printed directly through our 3D Hubs platform.

The first collection of 3D models will be in celebration of the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Thanks to the company’s network of talented 3D artists, the available 3D models feature incredible levels of detail and beautiful full-color maps.

Currently, there are over 250 3D printers on our network that are capable of printing these models in full-color as intended by the artists.

“3DHubs gives customers the freedom to 3D Print high-quality TurboSquid models anywhere in the world,” noted Dan Lion, VP of Sales for TurboSquid. “We’re excited to work with 3D Hubs and offer TurboSquid Artists a new channel for their models.”

Find out more by heading over to the 3D Hubs Partner Content page.


So cool! Really happy with this one :slight_smile:


Super cool and great to be working with such a fantastic team at @TurboSquid!