I just got my ZMorph in the mail and the first steps are to calibrate the machine. when I plug in the touch probe nothing happens. the “X” button on my LCD screen is also red, which i do not see it red in any of the videos I’ve seen online. does anyone know what may be the problem? please help!

hi i had this problem to, when i got the machine it worked but not now ,i have already got a message to mr zmorth , waiting to hear back , when it does work the calibration sequence is very slow in the end i manually set the nozzle to bed manually it is quicker , rick

The Reset button LED should be Red, the Green on the videos was used only on pre-release marketing models.

You can set the bed height manually without the probe, using a piece of paper. Usually the bed is sufficiently level when it first arrives. THe touchprobe gives you confidence that this is so.

You can check that the x-carriage connectors are OK by plugging in the fans, they should be pulled into place easily by the magnets in a straight line, don’t put them in at an angle, you could damage the connectors. Check the fan by doing a small test print, but remember the fan may not be set to come on until after a few uncooled layers. Alternatively watch the fan when you switch on the main machine switch at the front. It will give a small kick indicating it is getting power.

Check the touch probe itself to make sure there is no damage to the microswitch or its soldered connections. Zmorph Customer Service will give you more detailed ways to check if you have meters etc

Don’t forget to remove the touchprobe cable when you are not using the touchprobe.

Its always a good idea to send photographs of you problems to customer service.