Hey guys,

tried to do a head alignment today because some parts we were printing were coming out looking melted or the resolution dropped off. Anyway when I went to troubleshoot and do an alignment. I got an error saying try thermistor out of range any thoughts? Is this a part that can be easily replaced? I have a stratasys eden 260v


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May have nothing to do with it but it seems lately a few people have had temp error issues and found a shorted wire. Just a thought.

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Sorry not familiar, we use Stratasys Mojo printing “fdm” ABS plastic materials… Do you have service contract on your printer?

Melted looking models sounds like a UV issue. Does your printer utilize UV light to cure the models during print? If so, the glass panel in front of the UV bulb could be slightly dirty which reduces the effectiveness of the bulb. Try cleaning the entire UV housing and glass panel with ISO 99%.

Had this problem recently. Just call Stratasys support. They will walk you through how to disable it. The tray is not actually heated. It was a function they built in but never finished, so after awhile it starts throwing thermistor errors, when in reality there is not. After disabling, errors and melty prints go away.