I have been thinking about either building or purchasing a low cost 3D printer to just basically have fun with to enjoy the technology. Nothing too fancy, something that will print well small objects that can be used for household purposes and design based purposes. I am aware it may be more expensive to build a printer, but the process may aid me being able to use the technology as opposed to blindly buying a printer and then going into with no technical background.

Just wondering whether the community had any experiences with building a printer and the costs/downfalls/positives? Also if purchasing a printer like a Printrbot would be also be a good option for me. I understand being impatient won’t help me in building the printer but i might be able to wrangle through all the wires and parts.


My budget is around 500 pounds @ProdPoint

Printerbot simple metal is getting very good reviews an dhas some high tech features for the price point.

Thanks @James_2 , saw online that the community is really strong as well for support! What machines are DHA’s ever heard of them?


Never heard of DHA - do you have a link?


At that budget I’m afraid you’re pretty limited to a kit but their a great way to understand the machine and process.

I highly recommend the Reprap Prusa or Mendel from either Reprapworld or Reprappro website.

It’s also worth taking into account that these two kits have heated beds, especially usefull if you’re going to print with ABS.

Hi Gfisherwils,

I am in the process of building a RepRap Prusa Mendel i2 that I bought from Heacent in China with two purposes:

1 Learning exactly how everything fits together and works without bothering about the print quality to much (I have well working printers already)

2 Building a school-project so students can build a 3D printer themselves with my guidance

I changed a few things though:

1 I printed the parts myself and did not use the parts that came with the printer because the quality was not to good

2 I added some parts to carry the power supply and filament and a box for the LCD and pushbutton

3 I changed the Melzi board that came with the printer to a setup with Arduino 2560 R3, Ramps 1.4, LCD and SD cardreader so it can function without a computer attached to it like the Ultimakers. I also used Marlin firmware.

4 it is not finished yet :frowning: the wiring is still a mess and the extruder doesn’t do exactly what I want, everything else functions OK now and I have been working on it for about 20 hours I guess

5 maybe I will go for a different extruder setup

I bought everything in China through DhGate and Aliexpress at a total cost of less than € 400.

(except for the cost of the printed parts)

Kind regards, Guy

ha ha error in both our typing - I types and has as an dhas … no such printer :slight_smile:

i always fancied a delta


The bukito has good ish reviews

don’t get the 2 up - I did and it is a bit of a mess.

persuade UM to let you build a kit of the classic - I am still amazed at what they can do!


Cheers James i am literally using our one in the office its my favourite above the other printers we have.

Can’t beat it! Maybe would be cool to build a classic.

Looks great Guy,

Thanks for giving me another option and some informed information on RepRap style printers, my only concern would be if someone that is not so technical would be able to build something like this. Although i am willing to learn so its more about me than the printer in essence.