It was made with ZBrush, 3D printed on a Zortrax M200 and then minutely painted. An awesome work created by the designer Milos Tutus!
You can download the 3D file here: STL file Darth Sidious・3D print object to download・Cults

And order a 3D printed version with 3D Hubs!



Looking good guys!


Thanks a lot for your kind word! All the credit goes to Milos Tutus: &

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So you are spamming all the 3D printer forums with this ?

just to promote your website ?

please don’t :confused:

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And you are what, the internet police? Is there some rule against posting content to multiple sites? Isn’t it reasonable to assume that not everyone reads every forum, and thus posting to multiple sites allows you to reach different audiences? Just because you read multiple forums doesn’t mean everyone else does.

I happen to think this is a really cool project, and worth sharing across many spectrums.

Judging by your last few comments, it seems your main goal in this site is to complain about just about anything and everything. Perhaps it’s you who should refrain from posting.


Yes it’s a cool print :slight_smile:

but making an account on several websites, and posting 1 time the exact same thing is just weird,

especially on websites that are very 3D printer specific, and that posting has nothing to do with that kind of printer !

and linking to the site where you can BUY this fabulous file :slight_smile:

I hope when “he” does another posting “he” takes the time to add to his postings to, at least make it a little bit relevant to the forum he is posting on, and make it seem less like spam :slight_smile:

and post to a “free” item, so we all can have a try to make a great print :slight_smile:

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