This is the perfect enclosure for the Anycubic I3 Mega 3D printer!
The 24x24x24 size is large enough to enclose the 18x18x18 printer leaving extra room for the filament roll inside the enclosure.
The way the entire front panel unzips makes it easy to place the printer straight into the enclosure as well as work on the printer while it is still inside the enclosure.
After you zip the face panel, the opening is ideal for checking the printer during printing.
During printing you can can close the flap in order to reduce noise and maintain the heat inside the cube.
The silver material of the enclosure lining is ideal for holding in the heat and reflecting light.
There is a small hole on the top left side of the cube so you can feed in an extension cord in the enclosure to wire a circuit breaker inside the cube to power the lights and printer.
The lighting is perfect when you mount the light strips vertically to the two front corner poles.
You can see the project print with no overhead shadows from the print head.
This lighting is perfect for making time-lapse videos of the printing.
They even give you a small tripod with cell phone adapter with the kit which is perfect to use for the time-lapse videos.
The only extra thing I added was a platform to raise the printer a few inches so I could see and control the printer panel more easily when the flap was open.
There is an opening on the top of the enclosure where you could feed the filament in from the top if you wanted to place the filament holder on the top of the enclosure instead of inside the enclosure.
If you wanted to move the printer and enclosure to another location, the cube box breaks down easily and all fits back into the travel bag.

• Large enough to fit printer.
• Can be completely enclosed to reduce noise and maintain heat.
• Can be partially opened to check printing.
• Has lights so you can see project being printed.
• Easy set-up and installation without modifications.
• Does not need to be removed to work on printer.
• Breaks down to a compact size when not in use.
• Portable!