I’d been experimenting with using silicone mould compound to cast duplicate parts (as in this tutorial video) for a while, when I hit on the idea of using food-grade silicone to cast in chocolate instead. And after a few attempts I got it to work reasonably well (poor Marvin!):

It’s a relatively manual and time consuming job but I’ve decided to offer it as a service on my hub anyway as it’s fun and something people generally aren’t offering as a complete service


So jealous of it @metaobjects

The template model was printed on our Form 1+, and yeah that Marvin was milk chocolate flavour :slight_smile:

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Wow, definitely love it @metaobjects!

We should do this as a standard for 3D Hubs Events! :wink:

Hi, everyone!

I am trying to print chocolate with Zmorph but it is really hard to adjust proper temperature and texture for chocolate. I have been trying with couverture type. How could you catch the right texture? Which temperature and viscosity is the right one to print an excellent 3D chocolate pieces without spreading? Did you measure the other parameters?

Please share any tips you know!