I just wanted to share my self designed and build reprap with the community! Driven by a RAMPS 1.4, self made extruder and an E3D hotend. Works like a charm! Printing quality is top notch! Download the STL files and the parts list from the link. If you want to build one, let me know and I can help you :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think :wink:


Well Done! Looks pretty clean and organised!! could you share more details about size and capabilities?! seems having a lot of printed parts!! I Like It!!!

I’d love to see a sample print too :wink:

Wow, the quality is really impressive! Congrats :slight_smile:


Yes. Its good for a reprap I think :slight_smile:

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It is truly a beauty! Was it really EUR280? And how much did it take to assemble? This really puts things into perspective. Glad you shared this here.

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It really was 280€ I wanted to keep costs down. Assembled it in a half day, pretty fast. Allot snaps into place wich makes it fast to build and also rebuild/change things. I kept costs low by designing my own extruder, using as much printed parts as possible and searching the net after cheap but durable parts. The whole project was about a month, because I had to wait for all the pieces and bits to arrive from China. Now it’s running every day for several hours and I haven’t noticed anything to redo, so very happy! I also designed some belt tensioners, because I didn’t want to use tie rips. With my belt tensioners you can change the tension with a screw, well that’s easy :slight_smile: It’s also super silent, even at high speeds. It’s printing more then my 700€ printer these days. I’m thankful to my school, because that’s where I learned how to CAD draw things. I still want to make allot things, like a CNC machine, wich I’m working on now. But I’m only 15 years old, so enough time left :slight_smile:

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Great work! What material did you use for the printed parts?

Just Velleman PLA, I first thought that would give problems printing at higher temperature. Printed Carbon Fiber with it without any issues! It’s a workhorse :slight_smile:

Wow! Impressive! What material are the parts made of? Are you going to share the CAD files?

Just Velleman PLA, I first thought that would give problems printing at higher temperature. Printed Carbon Fiber with it without any issues!

I’m not going to upload them to thingiverse or something I think, but I can always share them if someone is interested in them.

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What CAD program did you make them in? I am currently planning to build a new printer and maybe design parts myself if necessary. But the D-Bot definitely looks interesting.

Where are the plans published for this ??

All drawing is done in Autodesk Inventor :slight_smile:

The printer looks very nice. As I have Printrbot Simple Metal, I recognise the main design approach. But there is a spacious bed which I have to envy. :wink:

Haha, thanks!

I did not publish the files.

It has allot of printed parts, that also was my intention! Printing speeds for PLA are 60mm/s wich is pretty fast. It has an heated bed. I printed PLA and Colorfabb XT-CF20 on this printer, both with outstanding results. Price for this printer to build was about 280€ wich is fairly cheap I think. I added some print examples in the attachments :wink:


I would be interested in seeing the materials list including the printed files, if you were willing that is. But if you are not then that’s too bad. I would love to have a more portable machine that I could travel around with.

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I would also be interested!