Hey all,

As many of you know, students make up a large part of our community, and we’re constantly looking at ways of connecting with them to help them take their 3D printing to the next level.

With that being said, today, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new 3D Hubs Student Ambassador Program:

In a nutshell, a 3D Hubs Student Ambassador will aim to increase awareness for 3D Hubs on their university campus and will be responsible for hosting a number of 3D printing-related campus events.

In return, we will reward Student Ambassadors generously with a range of perks - with free 3D printing and 3D Hubs swag being among them! Of course, each ambassador will benefit from his or her own success by receiving a percentage of each order brought onto the platform.

Here’s quick list of perks you’ll receive, amongst others:

  • Receive a percentage of all orders you bring to the platform
  • Add some serious tech startup credibility to your CV
  • A Letter of Recommendation with the possibility of future employment
  • Top Ambassadors get to travel to our NYC or Amsterdam Offices to meet the 3D Hubs team (All Expenses Paid)
  • Exposure of your projects to our extensive influencer list
  • Free access to paid 3D Hubs events
  • As much 3D Hubs swag as you can handle

Oh yeah…did we mention free print credit and materials for your projects?

A 3D Hubs Student Ambassador has the following traits:

  • Is a networker, a relationship-builder and is outgoing
  • Has a passion for (3D printing) technology and is a part-time geek (we’ll even consider full-time geeks, too).
  • Is a social media guru
  • Experience in event organization is a definite plus
  • Is a university/college student who is based in the UK/USA/Canada

If you meet the above criteria and think you have what it takes, head over to the 3D Hubs Job Board to apply today!



Great job @rhinoceros and @54321qwer, the program looks amazing! What an awesome opportunity for students. Keep it up!

Awesome initiative, 3D Hubs! But why limit it to US, UK and Canada?

Hi Connor, we will look to expand to other countries but at the moment due to the legal implications we wanted to start in those select countries first.

Fair enough! What legal implications are those?

It’s around payments and terms of employment. But also we want to get feedback from this initial group so we can continue to improve the ambassador programme before we roll it out globally.

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awesome idea!

but I wish I could be an ambassador here in Lisbon’s Architecture and Design college…

I’d love to do this, but I’m in Sydney, Australia. Currently the largest Student hub in the Sydney Area.

Get in touch we are now expanding the program

Were now looking to expand get in touch with me: george@3dhubs.com

drop me an email on george@3dhubs.com as we are looking to expand the program

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My apologies for posting on a thread that is 10 months old, however this seems to be the only thread I could find about the Ambassador Program. I really wish you guys offered it for high school students since there are many clubs at my school who would benefit if they knew of 3D Hubs such as the robotics club, UAV club, drama club, etc… It would be great to see more fellow high school students get involved in the wonders of additive manufacturing! :slight_smile:

High school students can also benefit from the Student Program :slight_smile: We are expanding the program and adding new universities and schools everyday. If your school/university isn’t in our list, we will add it as soon as you request the student discount. You just need to make sure you request it with your school email address. If by any chance you don’t have one, just email kiera@3dhubs.com and I will provide you with a coupon!