Hello fellow Hubs,

Another year, an even bigger guide. This year 8,624 reviews, 915 hours of writing, 4,982 years of experience and 1.14 million 3D prints led to the 2017 3D Printer Guide. A big thank you is in order to all of you that helped make the guide possible again - your Hub badges will go live today!

It’s truly amazing to see the level of involvement from everyone to help fellow community members out!

This year the categories are: Prosumer, Workhorse, Plug ‘N’ Play, Budget and SLS. We also launched a completely new and interactive 3D Printer Index so you can compare all 3D printers on such things as price, reviews, build size and technology type.

Have a look, enjoy, and let me know what you think of it :slight_smile:




Looks great! Glad to see the UM2+ right there at the top of the chart, too! And my own review right there for all to see, really warms the heart!

[Now, I was promised a badge for contributing… :wink: ]

I am a bit surprised that there was a cons note about noise level, when the UM2+ is rated as one of the quieter printers around. And I’m pretty sure the previous printer guide had the UM2 specifically mentioned as a quiet printer!


Other than that, it’s a great list all in all with really good information and it should help anyone looking to buy a printer a great deal!

With the UM3 out and the new DaVinci 3-in-1 machines coming and a lot of rumblings all over the Prusa front, I think there might need to be a 2nd quarter 2017 revision for the guide, though.


Great job guys!


I do have to agree with this! The technology is evolving so quickly that bi-annual updates will be necessary just to keep up to date with everything.


Thanks for the feedback @Hoffa! The badge is coming :wink:

I will check the ‘noise issue’ with the guys assessing the reviews, just to make sure it is correct.


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You got it, will put it up for discussion :slight_smile:


Nice work!


Nice work!

I have to ask (if its possible to get an answer to this), but I can see my review there, for the Prusa I3 MK2, which is fun! But with the points 8.8?
That can’t be correct, or some of my answers must have been wrong or I’ve misinterpreted it?

Would it be possible to have a re-check?

Best Regards

Thanks for letting us know @3dverkstan! I just double checked your ratings and corrected it :slight_smile:

Thank you! That’s closer to reality!

Awesome work; I was looking for this sort of collective review and ratings to plan my next printer buy. This did the trick. I won’t get my next printer in time for Xmas :frowning: but that’s ok - 2017 is going to be loads of fun. Thanks again.


Being the most extensive and consulted 3d printing guides in the world, the 3dHubs Printerguide sorely needs an update. There are 3 major shortcomings:

1. The metrics are not uniform. Most people think their printer prints fine, and that is why a Prusa Mendel gets a 9.0 for print quality, and a Form 2 gets a 9.4. Clearly these are not measured on the same scale and these results cannor be compared.

2. The results need to be weighted for newness. What was acceptable as user friendly (installing python, reprogramming marlin) a few years ago is unthinkable now.

3. These is no one comparing printers side by side. But a lot of people have experience with more than one printer. By using their ability to compare and adding up all these comparisons a much more meaningful data set can be obtained.

I hope we get a better guide in 2018

kind regards from Maarten in Amsterdam ( UP! plus 2 and Form 2)

Awesome work, very helpful guide helps me to choose between diffrent printers when i want to buy one!

Hello. I am a former customer of 3D Hubs. I am a high school teacher and have an outdated Makerbot that heat bed doesn’t work. Could you please recommend a good 3D Printer to be used for high school projects? One thing we need is the printing to be faster as only a tiny print takes heaps of time and time is short in the classroom. Also, noise is an issue. I have looked at the guide but am hoping you can highlight two or three that would be best for my situation.

Thank you so much,I agree with the point…Thats bit close to reality.