I am new at printing PLA. Recently i got Tevo Tarantula and i tried to print a model with HobbyKing Pla. First prints were unsuccessful due to extruder sliping . I realized that hotend was asembled wrong (teflon tube was not inserted all the way in and that is why extruder was clooging). I repaired the hotend, I leveled the bed and set a nozzle hight. When i tried to print it turned out good although i noticed some strange lines on the surface of the model. Can you help me? Also i am using layer cooling at 40% of speed.


nozzle: 225* (i noticed that pla has to be printed at higher temperature)

bed: 60*

layer hight: 0.2mm

fan speed: 40%

printed with brim

extruder flow: 100%

Cheers :smiley: