Welcome to the very first official 3D Hubs Talk Design Contest

GoPro accessories have become a staple of the 3D printing world and we continually see new ways in which 3D printing is bringing these cool cameras to the next level. So we thought with the launch of the new GoPro Session 4 what better way to showcase this than with a Design Competition. The cubic shape of the new Session 4 means some fun can be had with design, see the attached photos for some inspiration of previous GoPro design.

The brief is simple: create an innovative accessory which is original in its design and fit for purpose. Attached you will find an STL file which you can use as the basis of your design, its a simplified block with the same dimensions as the new go pro!

What would a competition be without prizes! For those who own a 3D printer we will be giving away some filaments as epic as Tony Hawk’s 900, Proto Pasta’s Stainless Steel and Carbon Fiber PLA! Major props to Proto Pasta for sponsoring. For those that do not own a 3D printer we haven’t forgotten you, were hooking you up with a $100 gift voucher. Not only this, we will feature your kickass design on all our social media channels, showcasing your skills to over 50,000 3D Hubs fans.


The Official Brief: Come up with an innovative accessory for the new GoPro Session 4 which is 3D printable. The 3D printed parts can be used in conjunction with non printed parts. You can use the cube block provided or make something for the regular GoPro mounts (see pictures).

Deadline for submission: 31/07/2015

Judging criteria: Originality, Functionality, 3D Printing viability - Judged by 3D Hubs and Protopasta

Submission guidelines: Submit a STL, OBJ of your design with a brief description of the design and its intended use. If you want to 3D print yourself, please attach photos.

PRIZES: For the one winner to rule them all they have a choice between a $100 credit or 500g Spool of Protopasta Stainless Steel filament, 500g Carbon Fiber filament.

T&C’s: Your profile and objects uploaded remain yours (however, you agree to allow others to view and download your content).
GoProSessionNew_0.stl (684 Bytes)


Time to brush up on my design skills and send in an entry under my Pseudonym of Mike Herbot.


Great to see contest in here! I’m not a designer, but I can’t wait to see the results!



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nice i want to see who wins

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Awesome! I can put my Onshape CAD skills to use! Be great to have an IGES, STEP or such file to import into CAD!


cool contest definitely will do! So how do i submit my entry? Just attach it right here or what?


Hey Everyone for clarification, just attach your file to a comment on here. Feel free to convert the .stl provided to any format you wish.

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Looking forward to it, @mercury :slight_smile:

Hello 3D-print community,

I made this spare part for my GoPro (the original name of the part is “Quick Release Buckle”), because it’s about 10-30$ when you buy it in the Shop.

It can be printed very well and it works fine. Feel free to try it :wink:

GoPro_Quick_Release_Buckle_V6.stl (7.28 MB)


PS: Here is the instructables page: http://www.instructables.com/id/GoPro-Quick-Release-Buckle-3D-Printed-Replacement-/

ahaha Andy, that’s a fantastic idea!

Aww thank you Simona. :smiley:

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How many times can you enter this? :slight_smile:

I was thinking about similar things - hitting with a baseball bat but then I wonder if the gopro really will survive. If it does, I’ll definitely buy one.

Nice Andy! Looks greatt

Love this idea, would be throwing my GoPro at the cricket stumps

Cool idea, looks like a relatively easy print as well.

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Hi Andy! That looks pretty awesome. Using Tinkerplay character as this very famous tripod (attached). I think would be super cool if you could upload your file on Sketchfab and share the link here. In this way everybody can see immediately the file - you can get even more upvotes :slight_smile:

Have fun tonight at the Scanner Party! Sim

Hey Mercury! Looking forward to see your entry. I’d personally suggest to uplaod your file first on Sketchfab and then share the link here. In this way everyone can see the file immediately on the thread :slight_smile: Sim