Hey all, over the past few months I’ve been 3D printing prototypes for a multipurpose tool for my office/3D printing space. And I think I’ve got something great.

My friend and I created an extruded channel profile (called Tackoma) that mounts to a wall and accepts light duty accessories such as tool holders, hooks, shelves etc. We’ve also designed it so that it can hold paper or thin objects.

The cool part about it is that we are setting up downloadable models to print your own accessories. Or even create your own accessories for your needs.

I’ve attached a picture showing it on the side of my printer holding my tools. Since it’s an extrusion, it can really be any length and cut to any size. We’ve launched a Kickstarter to raise the money for the first production run. If you are interested in the project, check it out here: Tackoma by Third Plane LLC — Kickstarter or search Tackoma

Also, we want to start uploading our models, where do people recommend putting them? I started uploading a few at Pinshape, but would Thingiverse or Youmagine better for a project like this?

Looks neat. I would recommend thingiverse.

Great idea!

You have identified and solved a problem.

I would like to put one on each of my (3) Reprap machines.

My tools are all over the place and it is very challenging trying to find the tools that I need for an effective response to whatever is happening on my machine. With this cool design, my tools are in the same place everytime providing reduced motion and less stress.

My ‘go to’ for stl files and practical things that I want to use right away is typically thingiverse, I use pintrest for the creative side and building ideas.

Excellent job,


I’ve designed tool holders before, will hooks be available that are injection molded/die mold, or will this just be for channel and shelves? The layers in 3d prints are not strong enough to hold heavy tools and break down quickly with repeated stress unless you design and orientate prints to take advantage of the layering effect in my experience.


I just want to say the idea is amazing. I will definitely print my own and report back to you once available!

Probably you will get the most exposure by using Thingiverse, although I like the setup of Youmagine and their timelines/comment functions better.

Keep us posted!

Thanks for all the feedback! I’m hoping we are able to get enough backers in the next two weeks to fund the initial production run.

I’ll focus on putting the accessory models on Thingiverse over the next couple of weeks. But of course, the accessories won’t clip into anything until the channel is extruded. More for an overview of the accessories that we use or have had success.

Geckobox, you are spot on with the strength of printed parts and the criticalness of orientation. The accessories designed for this are to be printed in a specific orientation so they don’t delaminate or break when loaded. And really the application we envisioned are light duty tools and not necessarily heavy tools such as pipe wrenches.

But with that said, we will have a standard 1" hook that will be injection molded. This is what we are providing in the bundles on Kickstarter. And from there, the thought is that community feedback or most downloaded holder would be the next part to be injection molded, building a collection of off-the-shelf accessories. We’ve been quoted around 5k-8k in tooling and initial quantities per accessory for injection molded parts so we’d like to make sure it’s a part everybody could use.

Keep the feedback coming!