Hi There,

First time caller. Long time listener.

I have a BIBO Touch and am trying to print some tools (shovel, rake, hoe) for a beach toy for my nephew using Cura 4.0.0. The 3 tools are on the same .stl file. they print from the bottom of the handles up. They’re arranged in a triangle pattern on the bed. Now 2 have skirts (right term?) that print first, but the remaining one doesn’t. It’s coming off of the bed after about 45min and gums up the whole works. I’m trying to see if I can either a.) Make it so that 3rd piece has a skirt, or b.) I can separate the whole thing into 3m individual prints. I’m very green with this stuff. I had my printer dialed in, though. It’s frustrating because everything else was a breeze and these are my last prints. Beach season is almost over! At this rate, he’ll be making snow castles.

Sorry so wordy. Thanks to anyone who might have a suggestion or two.