Hi, I recently had an issue with the ‘vacuum out of range issue’. I’ve read the couple other threads to troubleshoot the issue from cleaning the Thomas pump and the vacuum tubes. There was mention of bypassing the filter, but wasn’t clear on which filter they were referring to. I finally found out that the issue on my printer had to do with a filter looking think that’s connecting the vacuum tubes near the printer head unit (attached picture). I bypassed this unit, and the vacuum issue seems to be gone. My question is whether anyone knows what the unit is called and how I could find a replacement (a generic one) for it? Thanks.

Just an update in case anyone is running into similar issues and it can help them. Stratasys wanted $250 for a replacement filter… Literally just that piece of plastic with some filter inside. I was determined to find an alternative and it took me a while but I think I found one. Basically I bought a syringe filter that I believe is typically used in the medical field (specifically the EMD MILLIPORE SLFG-050-10 FG) . It is a name brand one that’s 50mm diameter with 0.2um pore size. It does mention it is for “Vacuum Protection In-Line Filter with PTFE Membrane”. It seems legit and not any worse than the stock vacuum filter (about same area also). I paid ~$40 for a 10 pack. I have been using it for a couple weeks and haven’t had any issues yet.