Hi all!

Our Eden 260V stopped mid-print and somehow lost connection with the door lock sensor! Everything I try to do from that point I get an error message saying “Close the door for the printer to continue printing”.

Things I tried:

1) Manually inserted a piece of paper to hold the front door endstop (the one that triggers when the door is closed) but it still sees the door open!

2) Removed the front cover piece that connects the door endstop to the OHDB. It seemed to make contact but I ensured that all the pins were correct and not bent. I manually inserted the switch again and heard a “clicking noise” indicating I guess that the board recognises the switch but again anything I tried to do from resuming the print, to head cleaning, I got the same error.

Does anyone know where on the board does the door lock senson connect? And is it possible to disable/overide that check if I needed?


check the UV lamps, there is a sticker on the front which should be white
if its black then the Heat fuse has gone and this will cause the above error

Also check if the cables are plugged in. especially after maintenance sometimes people forget to plug back in the UV fans, which will cause the Heat to rise and blow the heat fuse.

Given that this occurred during a print it’s possible that the temperature rose too much.

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Yup that seemed to be it!
For some reason the fuse was burned bc temp rose too high and it wouldn’t give a signal to the mainboard that the door lock is closed. Replaced the fuse with another and it all worked great!
Why would the temp rise so high though? I get readings of 47-48 C just after 20 minutes of print time. I have removed the air filter, connected the machine to an external fan with over 150m3/hour discharge rate (https://www.solerpalau.com/en-en/in-line-duct-fans-td-250-100-220-240v-50-re/#product_section_description) but I still get high temps. Could this be fan related?

if you open the cover, see if you can feel any air flow from the two UV fan funnels
If you get a torch you should be able to peer down them and see the two (per UV Lamp) fans
If the printers on, these should be running,

If one or more isn’t, check the connections (white plug with red, black, yellow etc wires), voltage (24vdc).

What kind of temps during printing are you seeing?