hello, I have had my tevo tarantula for about an year and one month ago the extruder stopped pushing the filament so I looked at the extruder and I saw that the gear was scratching the filament to the point it was too thin to be fed into the ptfe tube, I thought that more pressure would make it work so I added a little piece of metal under the spring to make more pressure and it did work until the motor started clicking, so the problem is that whitout the piece of metal the gear just skratch the filament without feeding it to the tube but with it the motor just don’t move, I tried to adjust the voltage of the driver but that was not the problem, just to let you understand the clicking there I attach a video

I tried them all and still don’t work!!!

The clicking is telling you what you already are seeing. The motor can’t move the filament. Basically when you add pressure to the lever you are causing the motor to “stall” hence the clicking.
You either have a clog or some other obstruction in the extruder or the filament is not moving freely from the spool. It is not the motor.

are you sure? because by manual feeding it does extrude and it doesn’t seem to be clogged