Not sure what is the issue here, smaller objects do not have this problem. Same model with PLA also no issues.

Filament: Hatchbox ABS

Temp: 230 Nozzle, 120 Bed

Fan: 0ff

Pinter: Qiditech 1 (enclosed), right nozzle only

Bed: Glass w/hairspray

Brim: Yes

230°C is not hot enough for ABS and it is not sticking to the previous layer. I regularly print ABS @ 245° in the 30-60 mm/s range. Your bed may also be too hot. I use 110°.

Bed is too hot but that is not causing this. 100-105 after the first layer should be enough.
230 is plenty hot for Hatchbox but you can go to 235. Any more than that and you will start to have issues with the PTFE tubing.
Increase your extrusion width to 0.48. This will help with layer adhesion and print fairly slow. probably 40mm/s max.

Make sure the printer is good and enclosed. Even the smallest drafts can cause this type of splitting.
When the print is completed let it cool completely inside the printer so the temps come down slowly.