I got this large printer in July '18. It’s worked well, but I’m going in another direction (need a heated chamber). You can read all the specs on their site, but I’ve posted them below as well. Includes user manual, micro-SD card, tools that came with it, and two sets of nozzles (a pair of 0.6mm and a pair of 0.4mm). I can include some filament to get you started (PLA, and maybe one or two other varieties). I rarely had a need to print two copies of a part, so instead I set up the 0.6 nozzle on one head and the 0.4 nozzle on the other head, so I wouldn’t have to change nozzles. You’ll need a copy of Simplify3D (or other slicer software) to create the gcode for this machine.

New price is $7999.95, and you’ll pay $500 to have it shipped, so this is a significant discount.

Pick up in Hood River, Oregon or Portland, OR. Cash only.

2X Faster Print Speeds. STACKER’s multi-part printing technology allows you to print two copies of the same part, at the same time, in different materials or colors. Why limit yourself to one part at a time when you can get two? With multi-part printing, it’s like having two 3D printers in one.

Large Build Volume. By removing a single head, S2 can print parts up to 390mm x 315mm x 525mm. The build area is over 15″ x 12″ and 21″ tall.

Superior Positional Accuracy: The S2 uses top quality linear motion components and a precision acme screw to achieve superior positional accuracy and repeatability.

Universal Filament Rail. Although STACKER printers are optimized for colorFabb filaments, our universal filament rail accepts any filament on the market. Unlike most commercial printers that gouge you with high priced materials, STACKER will accept market rate filaments, and this keeps your printing costs affordable. Our universal filament rail is designed for easy and fast loading of your filament spools. The “U” channel design fits all popular spool sizes. It is strong enough to support four 2.2kg spools for longer prints.

Prints a Wide Array of Materials: When it comes to filament, the Stacker S2 can print almost any 1.75mm diameter filaments which extrude at temperatures below 300°C. From flexible to composite materials like copper, wood, steel, brass, bronze, or carbon fiber, to everyday materials like PLA, Stacker S2 can print it. This means you can utilize the latest innovations in filament technology today and in the future.

Industrial Grade Motors. Stepper motors are a key component in any 3D printer. STACKER only uses high quality industrial grade stepper motors.

Quick Change Nozzles: STACKER nozzles can be changed in less than a minute. Why restrict yourself to one nozzle size when you could print faster with a larger nozzle? Moreover, our nozzles are constructed of a special grade of stainless steel which dramatically improves nozzle life when using composite filaments like copper, brass, bronze, steel, or carbon fiber XT-CF20 filament by colorFabb.

Kinetic and Powerful Design. The STACKER S2 is not a flimsy plastic desktop printer. Weighing in at over 160 pounds, it is an Industrial machine. It’s build with a rock solid frame and an open air design that allows users to see everything. There are no false bottoms or plastic panels to hide sloppy wiring and messy electronics. Everything is out in the open for easy accessibility. The open design makes it easy to modify your machine to suit your exact needs. STACKER is perfect for use as a development platform or for alternative printing technologies.