I recently bought an M3D 3D printer and it worked fine at first but lately it has started making a squealing/grinding noise when it prints and the prints have started failing, it rips them to shreds. Someone suggested adjusting the Z-Axis, would I do this in the bed height offset option, and how much should I adjust it? Thanks

Hello Dmdar,

I also have an M3D Micro and I had the same issues at the begining. The noise is usaly the fan mounted inside the head, for my side it makes that noise at the start and stop when the head is hot enough. For the falling I advice you to use the software version dated 2015-08-11, since I use it I have no more failling or shifting. For the Z axis you can try to adjust it with the software it is realy easy, if it not enough you can try the use the Recalibrate Drive system option in the Advanced Calibration Menu, this option will bring back the printer at the factory setting, you can also use the offset option I have add +0.05 for the bed height offset but I’m not quite sur it has really help. I also advice you to check your temperature, If the temp is too hot or to cold the print will fail… I print at 220°c .

Hope that help

Bye :slight_smile: