Anyone out there that has good spare Parts for the Zprinter 650? Today my pogo card has died …



They sometimes pop up on ebay but you can still get them from 3D systems. They aren’t cheap but then closed source machines never are. Thankfully the projet 460 and 660 machines are just the same zcorp machines with a different paint job so spares are easy enough to get a hold of.

I had to replace both the pogo card and ribbon on my zcorp 450. It came to around £1200 give or take.

Tnx for the feedback here. You know what the guarantee period is for spare parts if new?

None if you fit them yourself (I fit mine myself) as 3D systems want to charge an arm and a leg to replace them themselves. If you know which end of a screwdriver is which then you can change out the pogo card.

Things I would try first though, use some print head cleaner on the pins, disconnect and reconnect the ribbon cable (again wipe off with some cleaner) and see if that clears your issue.

if you still need a pogo card shoot us a email.