I’m looking for some good Solidworks for molding tutorials and so far I found these, which are a great start by all means. Do you have any other recommendations?

I’m mainly looking to create some containers with patterned geometric like walls. Thanks!


so what is your question? How to create patterns in solid works or how to make a mould design in SW? Also what kind of material do you want to mould?

You might find these links useful:

1. https://grabcad.com/questions/tutorial-solidworks-mold-tools

2. SOLIDWORKS Mold Design - YouTube

-Prasad @ DigiPhy3D’s Hub

Hey @aimstudio, thanks for getting back to me. Sorry for the confusion: so yes, I want to start off by learning out to create basic molds in SW, and then work on ones with a more complex pattern. I want to try making something in these lines: Pulp mold block | Experimental Creations

Thanks for the links, will have a look!

That’s a neat link.

Basically the most important thing is to understand drafting angles and under cuts.

Secondly you need to understand the material you work with- is it soft/ flexible or is it hard and rigid - the softer the steeper your drafting angle can be and maybe you can do undercuts.

Third - understand split lines in your mould, if you get into more complex shapes.

And there solid works can’t help you out of the box

If you join the SOLIDWORKS Forum page (become a member) you can get more info on just about any subject SOLIDWORKS offers. I don’t think you need to own the software but a valid license will grant you more access to more info.