Hi there,

So I finally decided that I couldn’t not cope with the supports on replicatorg anymore and decided that I would give Slic3r a go with my CTC dual. I found a tutorial here: http://www.3duniverse.org/2014/01/05/using-slic3r-with-a-flashforge-creator/

Which supplied starting and ending code for three profiles, right extruder, left extruder and dual extruder. So far I have only tried the right extruder, but everything I try to print comes out to small!

I had a problem setting up GPX as described in the tutorial as I do not understand Perl and could not edit the code. So I installed GPX UI which seems to work ok. I have set the printer as a Replicator 1 Dual. Would it be due to me using the UI Version of GPX? what else can I check to figure out what is going wrong?

Thanks for your time!